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Shelica & Steven

Juli 2019

Made my dreams into a reality

I am a bride from America and I came across Triani. For the last 10months Triani have worked countless hours to accommodate me and this turned into turning my dream wedding to a reality. I was absolutely stunned and breathless at the result of my magical day! Her team was so wonderful. Our bridal and groom assistants made our lives 1000x easier and made it so stress free. They were their by our sides the entire day getting us anything we needed. I thought that I was going to be so overwhelmed with stress. But with them we were truly able to enjoy our wedding day. Everyone says the wedding day goes by so fast and advised us to take in every moment that we can. Thanks to our assistants and the wonderful team, I felt stress free overall and remember the entire day and enjoyed every moment. Nothing felt very rushed. The team was so very well organized and planned out every single second of the day. As someone who is very TypeA and a perfectionist, I couldn’t be more amazed by this. I am so grateful for this wonderful team and I truly cannot have done it without them. I’ll be forever appreciative for all their hard work and kindness to make my dreams come true.

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