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Love Bali

Love Bali

Bali Wedding Planners & Event

Bali Wedding Planners & Event

We Serve With Love!

Our philosophy is simple: perfectly seamless and beautifully stylish events in a place that provides the most stunning backdrop imaginable.
We take our commitment to couples very seriously and never forget how much people are counting on us.

A leading Bali Wedding Planner

Whether you are looking to have a wedding on the beach, at a villa, chapel, or a hotel venue. We will work tirelessly to ensure that we secure the best venue and will plan your day down to the last detail. All you need to do is show up with your guests and enjoy the day!


Our GOAL is to make the planning of your wedding as pleasurable and stress-free as possible.

Big Event or Small Event.

Whether you dream of an intimate ceremony on the beach at sunset or a private wedding on the villa or an elegant garden party for family and friends, we will accordingly work with your budget.

What Our Clients Say
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Timoetius & Hanna

10th September 2022

LBW Is Amazing!! Love Bali Wedding team was amazing and helpful in every way! We prepped our wedding a year ago, and LBW was always there for us. From searching and securing the vendors, arranging our visits to Bali, to making sure we have all the details neatly taken care of. LBW knows almost all of our chosen vendors, so communications were smooth. I would like to give a shoutout to Mba Triani especially, she helped me calm down by handling major last minute changes and arrangements, so I won't have to be a bridezilla. The most important thing though, we were stress-free during our wedding day! We only had to put our best smile while LBW took care of all the details and made the wedding perfect for us!! ❤️ Our families were happy with LBW too, everyone said LBW is such a professional and did a great job. Honestly we were quite demanding (sorry!) and we set our bar high, yet LBW delivered everything perfectly. If we have to do this all over again, LBW will be the first one we go to 😉 Thanks Mba Tri and team ❤️


Oliver & Ping Ping

October 2022

THE BEST WO IN BALI Pertama x dapat rekomen dr saudara yg pernah hadir wedding di bali, dan sangat terkesan dengan acaranya. Akhirnya dikasih kontaknya langsung sama owner of LBW, Kak Triani. Karena kami berdua dr Jakarta, akhirnya kami kontak by google meet untuk saling berkomunikasi, kesan pertama Kak Triani orgnya asik n mau mendengarkan clientnya. Akhirnya saat kami ke bali, kami sekalian meet up untuk chit chat lebih dekat lagi, jujur kami bertemu dengan 4 WO dan survey 7 venue disana krn untuk compare, and akhirnya dr Kak Triani bisa ksh kami best deal banget dengan venue. Yang membuat kami decide untuk trust wedding kami dengan LBW. Dari awal kami trust wedding kami dengan LBW, team LBW sangat komunikatif, ramah dan team work yg solid bersama Kak Dhoni dan Kak Sri. Kami merasa sangat dipermudah dalam pengurusan hingga pada penghujung acara wedding kami, kami benar2 sangat enjoy and feeling intimate wedding kami benar terwujud, family and teman2 sangat terkesan sekali dengan acara wedding kami. Pokoknya LuarBiasaWedding ,LBW benar2 membuat wedding kami berkesan yang katanya seumur hidup sekali, dan LBW bukan hanya sekedar vendor wedding kami namun juga teman yang luar biasa even setelah selesai acara wedding kami berakhir. Very very recommended WO di Bali, kalau kalian survey venue disana sebut aja 'Kak Triani' smw org hotel pasti tau dedengkotnya perweddingngan haha Sukses and maju terus untuk LoveBaliWedding 🔥🔥🔥


Herny & Michael

28th August 2022

Our very best WO 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 We love you all so much❤️❤️❤️ you have the best team ever! Thank you very very much for your all great work to make our dream destination wedding came true just exactly how we wished to be ! 3 years waiting time finally we made it! Couldnt be better without all your help! Million thanks🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️ ​Highly Recommended 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Super professional and patient team! Haven’t seen that much professional work in Bali before. I would without hesitation chose again Love Bali Wedding but of course I hope we don’t need your services again 😂😂😂 only if my beloved daughter @askoa_k would ever consider getting married in Bali of course 😍


Andi & Jessica

February 2020

Experienced & Professional Wedding Organizer in Bali I know Love Bali Wedding previously from my wife (bride)'s sister wedding, so it says itself why our families trusted our big celebration to their hand twice and even for the second time it does not disappoint us. Triani, Doni and their team are professional. They react quickly to every wish and demand of us. They are also based in Bali, which is a big plus for us since both of us do not live in Bali. Their networks in Bali helped us to choose the right vendor and people for making sure that this big event run smoothly according to our dream. We were even more impressed with their attitude and hard work during the day itself. They worked tirelessly from the early morning until the late evening when the last guest left the venue. We certainly recommend Love Bali Weddings to everyone who want to realize their wedding dream in Bali.

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