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Our Testimonials

Herny & Michael


Our very best WO

👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 We love you all so much❤️❤️❤️ you have the best team ever! Thank you very very much for your all great work to make our dream destination wedding came true just exactly how we wished to be ! 3 years waiting time finally we made it! Couldnt be better without all your help! Million thanks🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️

Highly Recommended

👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Super professional and patient team! Haven’t seen that much professional work in Bali before. I would without hesitation chose again Love Bali Wedding but of course I hope we don’t need your services again 😂😂😂 only if my beloved daughter @askoa_k would ever consider getting married in Bali of course 😍

August 2022

Adri & Jessica


Experienced & Professional Wedding Organizer in Bali
I know Love Bali Wedding previously from my wife (bride)'s sister wedding, so it says itself why our families trusted our big celebration to their hand twice and even for the second time it does not disappoint us.  Triani, Doni and their team are professional. They react quickly to every wish and demand of us. They are also based in Bali, which is a big plus for us since both of us do not live in Bali. Their networks in Bali helped us to choose the right vendor and people for making sure that this big event run smoothly according to our dream. We were even more impressed with their attitude and hard work during the day itself...

February 2020

Michael & Karen


Best decision we made!
Picking a wedding coordinator is tough. You have to make sure to select someone who will understand and fulfill your every need as a couple. Coming from Manila, we hardly know anyone from Bali so we relied on reviews from previous couples. After much thought, we decided to go with Love Bali Weddings -- and it was probably the best decision we ever made! Thank you Triani, Dhoni, and the rest of the team for making our planning up to the wedding day such a breeze! We highly recommend this team. You won't regret it.

January 2020

William & Erika


Best team one could ever have
Bu Triani and team were very responsive, friendly and accommodative throughout our wedding planning. The team recommended us not only to the best vendors in Bali but also provided us with many options and advises. Hence, throughout the wedding planning process we were actually quite relaxed.

On the wedding day, all we have to worry about was not to be too nervous that we forgot the wedding vow. Other than that, everything went well as planned and it was all because of LBW. We highly recommend LBW for every couple who is planning their wedding in Bali.

September 2019

Krisna & Sherly

Krisna _ Sherly_0212_edited.jpg

Words cannot do justice
LBW with Kak Triani and team is simply amazing! My husband and I lived in Jakarta and we felt so fortunate to have LBW helping us through the whole thing, preparing and executing our dream wedding in Bali. We couldn’t have done it without them. What I like the most is no matter how busy they are 
(I know they are!), they were always patient and responsive through whatsapp and call. We didn’t have to worry about a single organisational detail, they are really well organized and attentive to small details. LBW saved us so much time and unnecessary stress that came...

September 2019

Hutomo & Fenny

F+T Teaser-83.jpg

Love their work!
My husband and I got the chance to work with these guys in the last one year and absolutely enjoyed working with them. We are not based in Bali but they made sure our long distance wedding planning is smooth sailing every step of the way. From the beginning til our wedding day, they are professional, efficient, accommodating and always on time for all our meetings.  They are also highly communicative, easy to get a hold of and consistent in sending us reminders of what needed to be done. Would definitely recommend them!

September 2019

Bryan & Rosita


Love Bali Wedding, have done a magnificent job for our big day.

Kita sempet mencari 6 beda WO, namun ga ada satu pun yang kita ngerasa secocok LBW. Dari awal contact Mba Tri thru Whatssap sampai ketemuan, berasanya nyambung dan very helpfull banget, dan setiap vendors2 yang kita cari sendiri, nanya siapa WO kita, semua pasti pada mengenali sama Mba Tri, karna memang pengalaman beliau sudah lama dibidang ini.

I got to say dealing with both of our families is a pain in the ass. Aku dan groom sempet down beberapa kali karna memang orang tua kita sulit diatur. Namun, Mba Tri mencoba seribu cara untuk menangani dan menenanggi nya..

Agustus 2019

Donny & Sandra

DSC02455 - Copy.jpg

My Wedding
Pertama dikasih pilihan beberapa WO ke saya, saya sempat tanya ke pihak hotel, dari beberapa yang di rekomendasikan ke saya, mana yang paling oke, jawaban nya adalah semua bagus, nahh.. bingung juga mau pilih WO yang mana nih. Dan jujur yaa..tanpa cek antar WO dan lain sbgainya, saya langsung telp ke Love Bali Wedding, bicara by phone 2,3 kali sy langsung menjatuhkan pilihan ke Love Bali Wedding.  Puji Tuhan dan terima kasih sekali, ternyata pilihan saya adalah pilihan yang baik, mulai dari awal persiapan hingga hari H, dan sampai selesai semua acara kami, kami ditangani oleh WO yang sangat bertanggung jawab...

Juli 2019

Shelica & Steven


Made my dreams into a reality

I am a bride from America and I came across Triani. For the last 10months Triani have worked countless hours to accommodate me and this turned into turning my dream wedding to a reality. I was absolutely stunned and breathless at the result of my magical day! Her team was so wonderful. Our bridal and groom assistants made our lives 1000x easier and made it so stress free. They were their by our sides the entire day getting us anything we needed. I thought that I was going to be so overwhelmed with stress. But with them we were truly able to enjoy our wedding day. Everyone says the wedding day goes by so fast and..

Juli 2019

Yohanes & Keindy



Love Bali Weddings gave us 5 stars services! Would recommend to everyone whos looking for wedding organiser! Very trustworthy in everyway!

Juli 2019

Edward & Sylvana



I know Love Bali Wedding from my friend’s wedding. He was bragging about how satisfied they were with LoveBaliWedding’s work. And, when we decided to chat and meet, the chemistry just there. And it was the best decision we’ve ever made in our wedding (or life perhaps). Triani, Dhoni, Yuni, Sri, everyone is just amazing. Planning wedding with them is EFFORTLES. We can travel to overseas many times, and even a week before our wedding without any nerve about the wedding prep :’) Our family is like praising their work like crazy. They keep telling other people the good job they are doing. Our family loves...

Maret 2019

Michael & Yessica


So much love for the team!!So much love for the team!!
We first stumbled upon Love Bali Weddings' instagram account and I just straight away messaged Mbak Triani. At that time I was super busy with work and we also just moved overseas, but Mbak Tri had been super patient trying to catch up with me everyday so we finally had a skype call. I knew straight away Love Bali Weddings will be my WO that time! :)

We had such a wonderful experience planning the wedding, all the team were very helpful and patient, and I can tell that they're always giving their 100%!
I am a super anxious person and planning a Bali wedding from overseas was not easy...

Juni 2019

Irfan & Steffi


Satisfied Customer
Kata orang WO Bali kurang OK. Tapi tidak Love Bali Wedding. Dari awal ngobrol by phone, udah ketauan kalau experience n knowledge nya untuk wedding di Bali top banget. Professional, detail, dan yang paling penting pas hari H sangat membantu semua tim nya. Bukan tim panggilan yang pemula, tapi semua udah expert di bidang nya masing2. Dari awal planning sampai hari H, semuanya di atur dengan efficient. Thank you Triani & team!

Maret 2019


Gunawan & Hikari


Thank you Love Bali Weddings
Love Bali Weddings made our wedding the perfect day! Triani was very helpful since the first time we contacted her, and was very easy to work with. She helped us organize our plans and her attention to all the details made our wedding so memorable.  Some of our guests even mentioned that our wedding was one of the best they’ve ever attended! :D
Thank you once again for Triani and team, we don’t know how we would’ve done it without you! 
Keep up the good work guys.


Lawrence & Karen


You guys rock!
From wedding helper and then becoming friends. Trust them with your heart and you are in good hands. Triani and team did a wonderful job in helping our dream wedding, from the beginning to the D-day. They helped me to find the solutions of my concerns, gave me some suggestions, and we had a great communications even though I am busy with my daily jobs. 

Thanks again team for making our wedding day a memorable one :)


Suastika & Connie


Great team to work with! 
It was a pleasure to work with the Love Bali Weddings team for our reception. Triani and the team were very professional and organized, and also fun to interact with. Any requests or concerns we had were responded to promptly. It became overwhelming and we were very nervous about the event, but knowing that the team was there to help us made us feel more comfortable. We highly recommend the Love Bali Wedding team!


Ian & Sherly


Best wedding
Mbk tri team very professional .they really did help me and Ian for preparation everything in our wedding . I remember before party I got much nervous but mbk tri team made me was not nervous.  I and my family really satisfied about their job also very freindly with us .  We are really happy working with them . Really thank you so much that team made our wedding such an amazing & beautiful 


Hendrik & Lidia

Hendrik & Lidia 28.jpg

Best Wedding Planner in Bali
LBW team are very professional. They did a great job from the beginning until the wedding day. Everything was well prepared. So happy working with them. Such a helpful & responsive team especially when they arrange our bridesmaids & groomsmen’s transportation due to Mt. Agung eruption.
I would recommend LBW to anyone that looking wedding planner in Bali.


Andi & Wenny


Great WO in Bali
Would definitely recommend mba tri and her team for those who are thinking to have a wedding in bali.. very reliable and knowledgable.. our wedding went very smoothly and organised and we receive many compliments from our guest..


Surya & Jasmine


Very Reliable, Proactive and Organized !!!
Thanks a lot Love Bali Wedding Team for the amazing service! We received so many complements from guests, saying that the wedding runs very smoothly and beautifully planned. Since Surya and I were busy with work,  we did minimal wedding prep, but Triani was very proactive and made sure that everything is well taken care of.  We felt that Triani treated our wedding as her own, she was very passionate throughout the preparation! We couldn't ask for a better wedding organizer. Very highly recommended!! Thanks a lot Love Bali Weddings


Philip & Emeline


The most epic wedding day
You'll be so lucky to have Triani and her team in your wedding. If she managed to keep our wedding going in the midst of winds and rains, she will definitely deliver your wedding day!

Both of us are very busy and we prepared our wedding in less than 8 months. Yet, it was very successful. She kept all preparations on track so that everything went smoothly up to the wedding day. Our guests, young and old, were very happy. They felt they were well taken care of by her team in the midst of chaos due to the weather. And the most important part there were no significant melt downs from my family (YES we are a huge bunch of drama...


Ivan & Janice


Best Wedding Organizer
From the beginning of our preparation, Mba Triani and the team really help a lot with all the things. Plus, since i was not always in Indonesia they really helpful with all the preparation. They are very patient, quick in response and also giving lot of suggestion to make our special day to be perfect. On the big day, everything went perfectly well and i can really enjoy the wedding day, not only me and family but all the guest as well, thanks to mba triani and the team. For me, Love bali wedding is a must wedding organizer in Bali.


Nora & Yemi


Thanks Love Bali Weddings!
Thanks Love Bali Weddings for making our dream comes true. Both of us weren't stay in Indonesia and we were so lucky to met Mba Triani that helped us alot organizing a simple yet meaningful Wedding celebration in Bali. All of the hustle of the so called wedding preparation became as easy as flipping your finger since they were so reliable and had always willing to fulfils all your needs. On that night, I was just sitting there, sipping my glass of wine, enjoying the greatest night of my life with all my family members. And I can tell from their face they were enjoying the celebration so much too. I've never thought that my...


Alex & Cynthia


Thank You
Having a wedding outside of your hometown is not easy and so is finding the perfect wedding planner. I felt so lucky to have met Mba Triani. The first time we met in Bali I just knew right away that I trust her to take care of my wedding. She is very passionate in what she is doing, which I can clearly see and appreciate. This also translates into an enjoyable, yet professional, process of the wedding preparation until the special day. 

My wedding day was everything that I ever imagined and I really cannot thank Mba Triani and her team enough for making it all happened. Me, my husband and more importantly...



Amos & Hany


Thanks Triani
Such a helpful person and team, no regret and highly recommended wo in bali..

And the most important thing we can feel comfort and enjoy on our wedding day

Keep a good work


Hendy & Rima


One Fine Day
We were introduced to Ms. Triani by one of her satisfied client. My father and mother in law fell in love with Ms. Triani at the first time we met her . She is a very funny and friendly 'mom' type that  opens to any ideas and gives sensible suggestions without forcing us to follow her. She will reply your messages promptly and will let you know if she was in the middle of something and she will answer your questions and concerns after she's available. So, in that way, you would not feel  neglected. She was willing to deal with other vendors that we chose and help solving any problem that occurred.  My husband and I felt really...


Ray & Sandy

White Noise on Black Background

We had an epic wedding!
Triani is trustworthy, very professional and patient. She always puts us (customers) first and works with a wide range of budget. We delt with her for over 9 months overseas in NZ. Although there is time zone difference, she always reply promptly and never fail to answer our queries or concerns. Her team is also very professional on the day, making sure everything is smooth, we didnt have to worry about a thing at all. Because of her team, our guests got to enjoy a wonderful wedding. We also had the time of our lives! Thank you Love Bali wedding, you guys are the best and i would recommend them to anyone who is...


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