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Philip & Emeline

The most epic wedding day

You'll be so lucky to have Triani and her team in your wedding. If she managed to keep our wedding going in the midst of winds and rains, she will definitely deliver your wedding day!

​Both of us are very busy and we prepared our wedding in less than 8 months. Yet, it was very successful. She kept all preparations on track so that everything went smoothly up to the wedding day. Our guests, young and old, were very happy. They felt they were well taken care of by her team in the midst of chaos due to the weather. And the most important part: there were no significant melt downs from my family (YES we are a huge bunch of drama queens :D)

​She gave us great selections of vendors. If you let her know your constraints and objective, she will give you the best alternatives out there. Most of our vendors were from her recommendations and they were exceptional. They managed to deliver beyond our expectations on our wedding day despite the unfriendly weather.

Thank you Mbak Tri and team for keeping the show running on our big day!

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